Elements of the Community provides inspiring, empowering and enlightening opportunities for Inner City Youth

We're really glad you're visiting our website! We believe that everyone is an Element of the Community, We know that healthy elements released into the community reflect a positive environment for everyone. We have a duty to provide inspiring, empowering and enlightening opportunities for children and their communities. We believe that what we offer will change habits and patterns of inner city children and their families.  We feel like we're different from other organizations because we stay up to date with today's trends and best practice in regards to Economics, Education, Entrepreneurship and Media.

Here's a great example of what our Children & Families like best about Elements of Community. Elements of Community is dedicated to inspiring, empowering, enlightening children and their communities by increasing their opportunities in Entrepreneurship, Education & Media. We are committed to helping children and their families become life long learners, socially responsible, self sufficient, productive financially free citzens of their community.

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267-209-3339 Call us to find out more information or email partners4community@gmail.com

The INNER CITY CHILDREN'S FUND will provide 529 college saving plans and/or invest in startups launched by inner city youth . Innercitychildrensfund@gmail.com


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